Soccer Management Game

           Be an elite soccer coach in                   Play-to-Earn Online Soccer Simulator! Take your soccer team to the top and test your coaching skills against the best and play for glory! Choose your team name and play against the world, win championships, buy and sell players and earn      $CoinSoccer!

You as Soccer Manager

          As a soccer manager you control every aspect of your team. From planning training sessions, developing your club's facilities, transfers, squad selection, assigning squad numbers to deciding team tactics. This level of control makes it one of the most immersive soccer games!

Exclusive NFTs

          Acquire, train, improve your skills!

          Being able to use them in your team or selling them on the marketplace, either way, you always earn.

          Improvement items for your players, first aid to heal injuries, isotonic drinks to increase temporary resistance, treadmill to increase speed, are some of the options to level up your players!

Realistic Soccer Simulation

          Experience the thrill of managing a soccer team and playing against teams from around the world. 3D games, realistic and exciting competitions make                        a more immersive online NFT game!

Game features

     Create your unique team and name it as you like.

     Purchase your training center or rent it.

     Train future talents with the resources of the base team facilities.

     Success will be rewarded with purchase offers from your players.

     Build your ideal lineup for each game.      React to your opponent during the game by making tactical changes live.


     Conquer Lendary Players and profit on the Marketplace!       Trade, train, win championships, win friendly matches, all are options for huge earning in the game.



10% Purchase and Sale Fees.
    |- 2% For Liquidity injection.
    |- 3% For USD Tether rewards for Holders.
    |- 5% For Marketing and Development.

NAME: $CoinSoccer
SYMBOL: Soccer

Launch will be listed soon here and on social media.